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  • 0.28 BAC - REDUCED
  • 0.14 BAC - Case WON
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  • 0.12 BAC - Case WON
  • 0.22 BAC - REDUCED
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  • 0.13 BAC - REDUCED
  • 0.16 BAC - Case WON
  • 0.09 BAC - Case WON
  • 0.25 BAC - REDUCED

Choosing the right lawyer to represent you in your DUI case is an important process. Do not rush to the first lawyer you come across. Remember, you have ten days from the arrest to file for a DMV APS Hearing. During this time, also do your research into DUI attorneys who fit your criteria. Do you want a lawyer from a big firm with multiple assistants, or would an experienced lawyer with a single assistant fit the bill better?

Initial screening is free of cost; call in or fill out form for a consultation. Before you dive into the next three years of your life, consult with Sturm and his trusted counterpart. If you put your faith in the hands of a lawyer who has multiple assistants, the one you spoke with may not be the one representing you in court. Get to know Craig; If you’re a good person who got caught in a bad situation, He will recognize your quality and fight for your freedom. We all make mistakes, but we must learn from them and do everything in our power to rectify our bad decisions. Don’t make another bad decision, call Craig M. Sturm today.

What Clients Are Saying
I was very happy I hired Craig! He was great to work with, I really appreciated his honesty and diligence. He really spoke about his experience during my free consultation. The great part was, he was spot on! His relationship with the judge and trial experience really helped. We got a unbelievable outcome in my case. I would highly recommend him to someone locking for a great DUI attorney.